Sunday, 20 March 2016

Refugee, eh! Started in Nanowrimo - To Be Finished Soon!

I Did It!!
So I hit 50,000 words recently and finished the Nanowrimo challenge. Over three months ago! That is a decent sized novel! I was inspired by the clash of attitudes I encountered during our recent Canadian election regarding the Syrian refugees and further moved by the attack in Paris and my involvement in bringing a Syrian family to Osoyoos. Yeah - me and Lawrence Hill! The subject of my book attempt is centred on refugees of a different kind - Canadian and frightened.

Although the title is still under review, I know now how the love story will end but, I might make it into a sequel too. Especially if there is a market for Novella sequels!  Hence this after midnight post! There is so much to remember, so much to change, so much to feel that I am going to do an unprecedented thing! I am going to share it with you pre-edit. Yikes. Deep breath. So, here it goes!

Not the first chapter but:

Monica had huddled by the fire for the rest of the afternoon, letting her children wander close by, playing tag, chasing twigs in the little creek and digging canals along its bank. She kept an eye out for old Pete but he never came back their way. The May sky was turning pink when Monica split some granola bars between the three of them and handed each child a juice box. Throwing their garbage into the fire, Monica felt herself just wishing they could stay here forever. warm, safe, and free. "But soon to be hungry, tired and wet," she admonished herself. Monica tucked Mattie into the stroller as his eyelids began to droop, stashed his bag under the seat and headed back toward Horseshoe Bay just as the moon was rising over the mountains. "Same moon as last night," she reminded herself. Just the scraping of their boots sliced through the silence of the rainforest.

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