Sunday, 20 March 2016

Angels and Mistletoe now available in An Okanagan Tapestry

As a newbie to the world of writing, I have never pursued publishing any of my stories.  This opportunity came up in 2015 and my story was accepted.   Celebrating my first baby step as an author!  The story is titled Angels and Mistletoe.

Excerpt below:

Katherine's blue eyes stared out the window into the early dawn, watching the snowflakes float suspended in the glow from the yellow street light.  She lingered in the warmth of the bed, delaying the morning trip to the bathroom for just a few more minutes.  The floor would be cold and she hated slippers.
"Slippers are for old ladies with walkers and old men in bathrobes," she mumbled to herself. 

Out of habit, she reached across the bed and rested her hand on the empty pillow beside her.  It had been three years today since Dan had left her side for a hospital bed and one week later, he had obstinately died.  They had always joked that he had better go first or he would starve to death within a week.  It had been funny then.  But, here she was, still reaching for his shoulder.
Urgency won out over nostalgia, and Katherine sat up, grabbing her blue fleecy robe as she gingerly stepped along the wall, leaning on the dresser's edge to keep the pain in her feet at bay until she could pop one of those expensive anti-inflammatory pills her doctor had prescribed.  Grey shadows flickered across the living room floor as she crossed the rug and opened the bathroom door.  She didn't bother to turn on the light.
"Not much I want to see at this time of the morning," she quipped and wished that there was someone to laugh at her morning humour.  

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